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Siuolaikinime biure arba siuolaikiniuose namuose dazniausiai naudojamas daugiau negu vienas kompiuteris. Daznu atveju visiems siems prietaisams riekia interneto rysio. Patogus
Gyvenant informacinių technologijų amžiuje būtina pasirūpinti informacijos saugumu. Neužtenka svarbią informaciją laikyti tik kompiuteryje, patartiną susikurti ir daugiau kopijų. Viena
Reikalingas naujas kompiuteris laisvalaikiui. Rinkites is kompiuteriu skirtu specialiai pramogoms: zaidimams, internetui, filmamas ir t.t. Kompiuteriai pramogoms dazniausiai yra su
Nepaisant nesiojamu kompiuteriu populiarejimo stacionarus kompiuteriai vis dar islieka paklausus. Pagrindines pto priezastys: geras kainos/ galios skirtumas. Stacionariems kompiuteriams pirmenybe
The daily headlines detailing the National Security Agency’s monitoring of online communications has focused more attention on a secretive global
Much like a will or trust that provides guidance in the deposition of your earthly possessions after your passing, Google
In late March, an email supposedly containing credit card information was sent to tens of thousands of television stations and
Sharing images of good times in a relationship is one of the staples of social media platforms, but what happens
If Bitcoin hasn’t received enough criticism already, it is now being referred to as an “environmental disaster” in an article
While it can be said that cyber crime is many things, the one thing it definitely is not is a
If having your business systems hacked keeps you awake at night now, the revelations at the recent DefCon and Black
“Showrooming” is defined as a process where consumers go to a physical store to see and touch products first and
The “Internet of Things” heralds the connection of a virtually limitless number of devices to the internet promising convenience, heightened
Disruptive innovation often originates from small beginnings and then steadily grows in scope and application until it ultimately forces even
As the search engines migrate their services to default toward local searches, the “Mom & Pop” storefronts of the world
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